The GridVis software is part of the standard package supplied with every UMG universal measuring instrument.

This software can be used to present the measurement values as actual values online and a graphic presentation of the values read from the measurement value memory is possible.

The topology overview guarantees a quick overview of the complete electricity network. The GridVis software also serves the purpose of parameterisation of the measurement instruments. Furthermore, the creation of customer-specific programs is possible using our own developed program language, Jasic®, or the user-friendly graphic programming periphery.

Software for grid visualisation

The GridVis programming and grid visualisation software, which is part of every UMG universal measuring instrument standard delivery package, enables a simple and complete parameterisation of the device. Customer specific visualisation of the energy supply is possible with the topology view. The individual measurement instrument can also be operated online using the mouse. Measurement data can be directly recorded on the PC using the online presentation. Furthermore, the GridVis offers convenient opportunities for presentation and analysis of historical data from the database.

The automatic ring buffer down load and integrated data management has a particularly positive effect in medium and large sized projects as data can be stored in various database formats. User programs can be freely programmed with the graphic programming.

Characteristic feature

The GridVis grid visualisation software enables the following:

  • Visualisation of measurement values

  • Automatic ring buffer readout from the instruments

  • Storage of the data in a database

  • Graphic presentation of online measurement values

  • Configurable topology overview with freely selectable register levels

  • Configuration of the measuring instruments

  • Graphic programming of user programs or programming with the Jasic® source code

  • Parameterisation, visualisation, data management and analysis


The GridVis software has a multitude of applications:

  • The development of extensive energy management systems

  • Visualisation of energy supplies with the help of a topology view

  • Documentation of the power quality for freely definable period of time

  • Analysis of the causes of faults

  • Cost centre management i.e. simple and precise electricity cost calculation

  • Stabilisation of energy supply through the alarm function when limit values are exceeded e.g. overvoltage or short-term interruption

  • Improvement of power quality e.g. harmonic analysis for fault detection

  • Load profile analysis e.g. consumption prognosis for electricity contract negotiations

Programming and configuration

The UMG 604 power analysers are completely parameterised with the help of the GridVis software. The instruments can be given any name and the CT and PT values can be set. Trigger values for the measurement of events and transients, as well as the measurement values which are to be stored and their recording intervals are determined. Limit values for the monitoring function of the digital outputs are programmed using the comparator or the pulse value for the digital inputs or outputs is established. The external temperature sensor can be selected. The time server for time synchronisation is also determined. If it is necessary to carry out an update on the measuring instrument, this can conveniently be done in the programming mode without the instrument having to be dismantled or returned to Janitza. The most recent updates for software and instrument firmware is available free of charge at Software.


Unlimited programming options

The Jasic® programming language opens up so many new opportunities because you are no longer tied to just the fixed integrated functions in the instrument. You can expand the instrument to include your own functions. Up to seven freely definable user programs can run at the same time.

The graphic programming option for user programs is a fully new aspect in the field of digital power analysers. These can be used to create user-specific programs such as free programming of inputs and outputs or the issue of reports when a defined limit value is reached. In addition to the user-friendly graphic programming, the user is free to program the source code directly.

Online data

All measurement values are available in the online measurement mode as a line graph or bar chart. The line graphs are permanently updated and the oldest data is deleted after a while. Two scales for measurement data in two units can be created. Any number of measurement data from each unit, including from several measurement instruments, can be observed in the same graph. The colours in the graph can be changed as required.

Topology overview

A device view can be called for up for each UMG604 which is found in the network. It is not only possible to observe the actualdisplay but to control the unit completely by remote control as if you were on site. Furthermore, any jpg document can be assigned e.g. a drawing of buildings or distribution systems. All measurement data for the UMG device can be presented simultaneously online.

Event and transient browser

Freely defined periods of time can be checked with regard to transients and events using the two event and transient browser functions. These functions (compare illustration: transient browser) are especially important for error analysis.

Data storage

The UMG 604 contains a data memory space of 128MB. The measurement data are stored in a SQL database when the memory data are downloaded. The Derby, SQL and MySQL formats are available for saving the data. Storage in a MySQL database or a Microsoft SQL server database is recommended because these are faster than the Derby database. This has a particularly positive effect for larger projects. MySQL can be downloaded free of charge from

Offline data

The data which are saved in the database can be presented as a line graph, bar chart or histogram in the GridVis software. The data are stored in the database according to parameters, year, month and day. The data can, therefore, be selected accordingly. Particularly interesting periods of time can be enlarged with the zoom feature. The graphs can be provided with titles and comments and can be printed out. The display of transients and events also takes place here a the transient or event browser. The flag browser can be used to examine whether measurement data are missing at certain periods of time or whether the data are not reliable.

GridVis license model


Basic    Professional    Enterprise    Service   
Installations (desktop)        1355
Installations (service / WEB)     0002
Number of measurement devices       5not 
Update period       not 
1 year1 year1 year
Telephone support    not 
Graphs      •*1
Database JanDB / Derby        •*1
Manual reports      
Graphical programming       •*1
Topology      •*1
MS SQL / MySQL    
Automatic reading      
Virtual device       
Automatic CSV export    •*2•*2
Generic ModBus      

Graphic programming module (write/read Modbus) 

Cost centers       
Automatic reports       •*1
Online recording     
Item number        51.00.116    51.00.160    51.00.170    51.00.180   

*1 This feature is only available in conjunction with the GridVis installation on the desktop.
*2 For automatical CSV-Export you have to demand on the service "Creation of Groovy scripts" with article no. 51.01.015

Number of devices:
Maximum quantity of simultaneous running devices (i. e. by using the basic version: one project with 5 devices or 5 projects with one device each).

Update period:
Period of time where new versions can be installed free of charge.

Automatic reading:
Automatic download of measurement data according free configurable schedules.

Online recording:
Measuring values of devices without memory will be averaged in the GridVis-Software.

Automatic CSV export:
An automatic download of values enabled an automatic CSV-Export.

The GridVis-Software is running in the background and will start automatically without user login on the computer and will record the values of the devices. GridVis Enterprise will be included in the package and will be necessary for the configuration and the handling of data.