Our contribution to the Smart Grid. The GridMonitor is a flexible solution that is produced in accordance with the individual requirements of the customer. A modular design is utilised here, in order that small production series can also be realised with ease.

UMG 512 – Class A power quality analyser

  • Monitoring of the EN50160
  • Memory for up to 10 million measured values
  • Possibility of installing freely programmable programs (APPs)
  • Harmonics analysis up to 63rd harmonic
  • Short term interruptions (from 10 ms), illustration with effective values and waveforms
  • Constant true RMS
  • Measurement process in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30
  • Certified accuracy of measurement per class A
  • Accuracy of measurement of the active energy: Class 0.2S (.../5 A)
  • Threshold value monitoring

UMG 20CM – 4 pole measurement of the individual low voltage outlets

  • 20 current measurement channels +/- 0.5 %
  • 4 voltage measurement channels +/0.5 %
  • 20 LEDs – one LED for each current channel
  • Threshold value monitoring for each current channel
  • For up to 5 outlets

Mobile telephony modem and EasyGateway EG400 gateway

  • UMTS modem incl. antenna
  • SSL-encrypted from the PC to the gateway
  • No VPN tunnel required
  • Managing static IP addresses

GPS radio receiver for time synchronisation of the measurement devices

  • Receive and process the GPS time signal (GMT)
  • Works worldwide
  • Small, compact construction

PowerToStore buffer power supply with capacitors

  • Typically serves to bridge short term interruptions
  • Operates with integrated ultracapacitors for energy storage
  • Lifelong maintenance-free
  • Operation possible in extreme temperatures

Temperature sensor

  • Compatible temperature sensors: PT100, PT1000, KTY83, KTY84
  • For monitoring the temperature of the transformer oil or station, for example

Current transformer terminal strip

  • Short circuiting of current transformers
  • Insulated bridges for earthing and short circuiting of the transformer terminal

Area of application

  • Local distribution and transformer stations
  • Substations
  • Energy suppliers / public utilities
  • Distribution system operators and transmission system operators