The three-phase electronic measuring instrument collects and digitalises the effective values of currents and voltages (True RMS) in a 50/60Hz network. The integrated microprocessor calculates the electrical parameters from the sampling values. All measurement values are continuously measured and recorded at intervals of 200ms over 10 periods (50 Hz).

This allows the safe identification of short-term interruptions with the fault recorder function. For short-term events, the effective values are recorded over 128 periods with 64 pre-trigger periods and with the transient memory over 5 periods with 2 pre-trigger periods. The reaction time of the internal outputs is < 10ms and the external bus outputs < 200ms.

Areas of application

  • Analysis of electrical faults for network problems.
  • Continuous monitoring of the power quality.
  • Gateway function for Ethernet TCP/IP for downstream sub measurements.
  • Peak demand management, time switch
  • Energie data management
  • Data logging (electricity, gas, water, cooling ...)

Successor model available:

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Display examples

The display on the UMG 507 enables the presentation of measurement values in numerical form,  Selected displays can automatically be displayed in alternation (automatic display rotation).

The instrument is programmed using UMGbasic/professional software. Simple programming task such as current transformer ratio can be done directly using the instrument buttons.