ProData® data logger

Whether electricity or water – gas, steam or pressure: The ProData datalogger captures and saves all consumption and process data as well as status messages (e.g. switch settings).

Overview of all basic data

Main Features

  • 15 digital / impulse inputs
  • 3 digital outputs, connectable via Modbus, weekly timer, boundary value and temperature monitoring
  • Temperature measurement input
  • Ethernet interface (Modbus TCP, NTP …)
  • RS485 (Modbus RTU, slave, up to 115 kbps)
  • 32 MB flash memory
  • Clock and battery function
  • 64 weekly timers
  • Threshold value monitoring
  • Modbus-Ethernet-Gateway functionality
  • Saving of minimum and maximum values (with time stamp)
  • Configurable records, can be read out via RS485 and Ethernet


  • ISO 50001 EnMS
  • Integrate impulse meters (in range)
  • Capture non-electrical values
  • Generate performance indicators
  • Capture status messages
  • Generate alarms
  • Ethernet-Modbus slave gateway

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