The UMG 104 equipped with a 500 MHz DSP (digital signal processor) is a very fast and powerful power analyser.

The continuous scanning of the 8 channels with 20 kHz per channel allows the recording of all electrical parameters (more than 800 values), minimum - and maximum - values, and the main power quality values such as harmonics (up to the 40th, each phase with the detection of direction). Based on these data loss of production can be avoided, concepts can be developed, such as the electricity cost reduction programs, and measures introduced. And finally the improvements can be monitored and recorded with the UMG 104 as well.

Using modern communication architectures, the acquired data are fed to a central location, in powerful databases, stored centrally and made available for further processing in an open architecture. The easy integration into an existing building control system or PLC environment extends the capabilities of the UMG 104.

Areas of application

  • Replacement of analogue and digital instrumentation
  • Consumption data collection and analysis (load profiles)
  • Continuous power quality monitoring
  • Cost center management, i.e. breakdown of energy costs, e.g. allocation per product
  • Remote control and monitoring of equipment and processes
  • Protection of networks
  • “Sensor” for building management systems or PLC