Energy meter for DIN rails with large measurement data memory

Energy meter with clock, battery and memory that is suitable for the measurement and checking of electrical characteristics, the energy consumption and for monitoring the power quality, e.g. harmonics.

Overview of all basic data

Technical data

  • Auxiliary voltage up to 277 V
    Wide range – can be used in numerous applications
  • Measured voltage up to 480 V
  • Precision class
    Effective energy class 0.5S (DIN EN62053-22:2003) for .../5 A current transformer

Voltage and current measurement

  • Voltage and current measurement inputs
    Continuous sampling of the voltage and current measurement inputs
  • Voltage measurement
    Overvoltage category 300 V CATIII
  • Measurement of positive, negative and zero sequence component
    Knowledge of disruptive factors through which motors could be damaged for example
  • Measurement of the reactive distortion power
    Detection of unnecessary current loading, e.g. for distribution boards, transformers up to the consumers

Areas of application

Large measurement data memory for even more data security

Qualified statements on energy consumption and power quality cannot be achieved with measurements that are restricted just to the point of common coupling (PCC). If one wishes to discover fault sources or energy wasters, it is necessary to acquire data at several points across the grid, i.e. the resolution of the measurement is critical. But this is often a question of space and cost.

The new UMG 103-CBM is the ideal solution for this task. The extremely compact and affordable universal measurement device requires a width of just 71.5 mm on the mounting rail and so fits conveniently into any installation distributor. Along with a large number of energy values and electrical measured values it offers a multitude of additional functions such as the measurement of harmonics, saving of minimum and maximum values, operating hours counter and bi-metallic strip function. It can be operated both as a Slave to a higher-level device, such as the UMG 604E for example, or directly connected with a PC.


Local data backup with clock | battery | memory

The Janitza UMG 103-CBM is based on the well-proven technology from the UMG 103. The clock, battery and measured data memory enable this device to tackle completely new applications. One the one hand, data security is significantly increased. This is crucial when energy data is to be acquired separately for individual company units or customers. On the other hand, the device can operate as a standalone solution in areas where differentiated network monitoring was previously too expensive.

Article number

Item no. 52.28.001