Power quality

  • Harmonics analysis up to 40th harmonic
  • Unbalance
  • Rotary field indication
  • Distortion factorTHD-U /THD-I
  • Measurement of positive, negative and zero sequence component
Fig.: GridVis® – Phasor diagram
Fig.: GridVis® – Phasor diagram


  • Fast and reliable data exchange via RS485 interface
  • Speed up to 921.6 kB/s

Secure and rapid communication via Modbus and Profibus

  • Rapid, cost-optimised and reliable communication in existing Fieldbus architectures
  • Integration in PLC systems and building management systems
  • High flexibility due to the use of open standards
Fig.: High-speed Modbus
Fig.: High-speed Modbus

Large measurement data memory

  • 4 MByte
  • 156.000 saved values
  • Recording range dependent on the user-defined measurement data memory configuration over a few months
  • Recording freely configurable

Added value through additional functions

The UMG 104 goes far beyond the limits of digital multifunction measurement devices thanks to the integration of additional functions:

  • Multifunction measurement device
  • State monitoring
  • Data logger
  • Meters (kWh, kvarh)
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Harmonics analyser

Due to the four current and voltage inputs there are also particular advantages with the monitoring of up to four single- phase outputs, e.g. in data centres, offices or single-phase motor outputs. Chapter 02 UMG 104 Fig.: Large measurement data memory UMG 104 

Fig.: Large measurement data memory
Fig.: Large measurement data memory