A Class A Power Quality Monitoring device for all areas of application

The new flagship in the portfolio of Janitza electronics GmbH


A Class A Power Quality Monitoring device for all areas of application

The UMG 512 is designed to record the large quantities of data that occur at its high sampling rate of 25,600 Hz or during a continuous true RMS measurement. To ensure that the quantity of measured values is retained even if the data network fails, the unit is equipped with a large on-board measurement data memory with a capacity of 256 MB. Thanks to the large memory, even PLC functions (Jasic®, graphic programming) such as alarm management can be implemented.
In addition to the two digital inputs and outputs, there is an input for temperature measurement and two additional RCM channels.

The large, colour graphic display is intuitive to operate and provides easy access to the many functions and measuring points. The display can present measured values and results not only in numerical format but also as bar charts and line graphs. Current and voltage can be displayed in waveform. In addition, the GridVis®-Basic software package included in the scope of supply also simplifies evaluation and documentation. The device homepage provides extensive information even without the installation of additional software.

The communication architecture also leaves no wish unfulfilled. Thanks to diverse IP protocols (TCP/IP, Modbus over TCP/IP, SNMP, NTP DHCP, etc.), remote monitoring of critical processes, for instance, can be realized cost-effectively. As a Modbus gateway, the UMG 512 can economically connect slave measurement devices without an Ethernet interface. The UMG 512 is also ideally suited for building or real estate operations via the standardized, globally acknowledged BACnet protocol.

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