Janitza Information

Janitza Information

Important information due to Covid-19

Dear valued partner,

First and foremost we hope that all of you are doing well in these exceptional days. The spread of the coronavirus is affecting the living together on the entire globe and it is challenging all of us in our private as well as in our professional environment. We all need to prepare ourselves for the unknown nowadays.

Within Janitza the health and well-being of partners, colleagues, clients and suppliers has top priority. Since beginning of March we cancelled all trainings, sales events, exhibitions and business trips. Last week we have enhanced our precautionary measures by reducing even internal meetings to a minimum and enabling parts of the staff to work from home office.  

Production continues, stock increasement and two shifts in production - no supply shortages
At the same time we have decided to continue production and business. We are currently even increasing our stocks with raw materials, core components and trading goods. Additionally we are running two shifts in production since beginning of this week to ensure ability to supply you in time. It is unforeseeable how the situation of our suppliers will be affected by COVID-19 in the coming weeks (and maybe months).

Recommendation: place urgent orders in a timely manner
As we are currently running our production on a high level to secure delivery capability we recommend to place orders for critical clients, urgent deliveries and important projects in a timely manner. Furthermore we propose to place large orders well in advance so that we can plan the production accordingly and indicate reliable delivery schedules. At this stage we do not want to fail to thank you very much in advance for your understanding, cooperation and support during these extraordinary times.

Your contact persons are full available
As aforesaid, parts of the staff are working from home but they are all having full access to the systems so that Janitza electronics stays capable of acting. We are happy to serve you with the known e-mail addresses, phone numbers, WEBinars, online meetings and newsletters to keep you updated.

We can only cope with and successfully master this kind of crisis when we will cooperate closer and support each other. This certainly does not only valid within our small world of power metering, it is absolutely essential, necessary and helpful for the entire mankind.

Take good care of yourself, your family, your colleagues and friends. Stay healthy!

Best regards

Janitza electronics