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New device homepage and apps

New device homepage and apps

Power management and power quality analysis online

The device-specific homepage for the measuring devices is ideal for users or target groups within a company, who do not wish to install the GridVis® software or do not require it. For access to this, the user simply requires a conventional web browser and an Ethernet connection (or a local patch cable). The screens have been graphically revised and have now been made even more user-friendly. Each measuring device has an integrated web server, which makes a separate, password-protected homepage available. It is possible to operate the device just as comprehensively via this, as via the device display. Furthermore, extensive online and historic measuring data (standard power consumptions), including the power quality analysis, can also be called up. It is even possible to control the measuring device remotely and configure it via the display indications. Because a multitude of PQ measured values can be displayed in addition to the countless standard electrical values, for many users the measuring device homepage constitutes the basic configuration for a monitoring system.

Image 2: Illustration of historic measured power values (here short-term flicker) in the measured value monitor
Image 2: Illustration of historic measured power values (here short-term flicker) in the measured value monitor

Apps available to purchase deliver many further functions, which can be loaded to the desired measuring device via the GridVis® software. The apps are fully web-based and can therefore be executed via a browser on PCs, laptops, tablets, etc. One such app is the "measured value monitor", with which actual and historic measured values can be particularly easily displayed on the device homepage in the form of diagrams. Selection of the measured values takes place via "drag and drop". In this way it is possible to visualise up to six measured values in one diagram with two Y-axes. A diagram can contain up to 60,000 data points (10,000 per measured value). A table provides information in a brief overview of the measured values, which are added to the diagram. The finished diagrams can be simply exported as an image. 

Further apps, e.g. for the power quality analysis for the EN 50160 or IEC 61000-2-4, to follow. 

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