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Power Quality Solutions by Janitza electronics GmbH

Power Quality Solutions by Janitza electronics GmbH

The new Janitza products AHF and SVG can be used in applications with problems in power quality.

Frequency converters, switching power supplies or modern lamps save energy, but also cause disruption that affects the voltage quality. Power quality solutions from Janitza will provide effective support. In addition to the measurement technology, such as network analyzers and the GridVis® software, the company also supplies suitable instrumentation for the compensation of inductive and capacitive reactive power, harmonic currents and asymmetric load for analyzing the measured data.

In industrial applications electric motors are often controlled with variable frequency drive technology. It allows precise and energy-efficient control, but generates network perturbations. Also other energy-saving components, such as thyristors in power electronics, switching power supplies, energy-saving lamps, etc. cause similar problems. Even an asymmetric load on the power distribution network is problematic. The disturbances add up and cause malfunctions and damage to controllers, IT components, etc.

To minimize risks and costs, these disturbances can be compensated with power quality solutions such as the AHF power quality controller or the SVG power controller. Both the SVG power controller and the AHF active power quality controller can be used to balance asymmetric loads as well as to compensate for the neutral current in the 4-wire connection. The two product lines are based on a 3-level topology with a high frequency. This guarantees an undistorted low-loss operation.

The fast and stepless control of the power controller SVG detects and compensates inductive and capacitive reactive power in less than 5ms, so that the product is also suitable for highly dynamic networks.

The product series AHF offers the compensation of harmonic currents up to 50th harmonics and a freely adjustable degree of compensation of each harmonic (even and odd). In addition, the active power quality controller enables an easy integration into existing low-voltage networks by means of intelligent resonance detection (Intelligent FFT). Thanks to their modular system, AHFs are suitable for easy adaptation to changing network and load conditions.

Both product lines are ideal for use in dynamic networks, industrial applications, office buildings and infrastructure projects and can make a major contribution to sustainably improve the power quality.

If you are interested in our products or if you need further information, please contact the following person:


Thomas Hilbig Head of Product Management +49 6441 9642-352 (Phone) +49 171 7628307 (Cell)


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