Differential current transformer type B+

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Main features

Ever-vigilant – intelligent current transformer

  • Recording of type B+ residual currents (up to 300 mA)
  • Prealarm in case of malfunction
  • Standard interface 4-20 mA
  • Continuous monitoring of residual currents
  • Power supply voltage 24 V DC
  • Compact, solid plastic housing
  • Alternative to insulation measurement for testing of stationary electrical installations and equipments
  • Provisions for fire and facility protection can easily be implemented
  • Decentralised, direct disconnection of equipment parts
  • Internal diameter: Ø 35 and 70 mm
  • Dimensions: 106 x 113 and 141 x 143 (W x H)
  • Max. primary residual current in mA: 300
  • Max. wire diameter in mm: 4 x approx. 4 (rm-35 qmm) or 8 x 10 (rm-10 qmm) and 4 x approx. 28 (rm-240 qmm) or 8 x 23 (rm-150 qmm)
  • Busbar in mm: max. 30 x 10 and max. 60 x 20
  • Suitable for the UMG 96RM-E

Technical data