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Current transformer selection

Description Value Unit
Name Plug-on converter 60/5 -
Type IPA40.5 -
Primary current 60 A
Secondary current 5 A
Power * 2 VA
Class 0,5 -
Line length 0 inch
Cable cross section 0.00078 inch²
Primary conductor 40 x 10, 30 x 15, 25 x 20 inch
Round conductor 1.1811023622 inch
Construction width 2.755905511811024 inch
Weight 2.116438 oz
Item number 09.05.349 -

* For KUW's, refers to the end of the transformer line.

Low-power and differential current converters are not discussed here, because due to the low secondary current there is no large loss of power on the the lines up to the measuring device due to the low secondary current.

The current transformer selection guide supports the design of the current transformer lengths, but does not replace a detailed electrotechnical calculation on the part of the interested party. Janitza electronics GmbH does not accept any liability for incorrect design.


This tool supports you in the design of your current transformer installation

A maximum extension of the cable of a cable converter, without overloading it, can be calculated precisely.

!!! Also a calculation for the shortening of the factory cables is included. !!!

Detailed description

If you need information about a field, just move the mouse pointer to it and let it stay there.

Information about the field is displayed below.

Current transformer:

First select the current transformer you require, or the Dummy function.

With the dummy function you can set a converter according to your specifications in secondary current, power and initial lead length.

Installation conditions:

Basically, you can select the line length, the installed cross-section and the selected line material (expert mode).

This can be selected separately both before and after the terminal strip.

Furthermore, you can select whether a terminal strip is present at all.

If this is not the case, you can of course only enter the values coming from the transducer.

With the checkboxes Length calculation you can select for which range the maximum usable line length should be calculated. (Coming from the converter, or coming from the terminal strip).

Here, the entered cable length of the "other" side of the terminal strip is taken into account accordingly.

The calculated value for the maximum line length can be accepted by clicking on the symbol Take that appears next to the length specification.

Via the calculation strategy (Expert mode) you can specify the load to be calculated.

Based on this information, the calculation of the respective maximum cable length is adjusted.

With the checkbox Additional measurement, a measurement connected in series (possibly for control) can be included in the calculation.


Installation conditions

From transducer
From terminal strip
Current transformer Terminal strip Measuring device