GridVis®-Ultimate 51.00.190

Similar to GridVis®– Service, but with the following additional features:

  • GridVis® Energy web interface
  • Expanded user management
  • Dashboard and template manager
  • Widgets
  • Key performance indicator evaluation (KPI)
  • Sankey diagram (energy flow analysis)
  • Device overview with graph function
  • OPC UA client
  • Image and symbol library
GridVis®-Service 51.00.180

Similar to GridVis®– Professional, but with the following additional features:

  • Active directory (NEW)
  • Expanded reports:
    - Utilization report (NEW)
    - Uptime
    - LET (Limits, Event, Transients)
    - Energy invoice
  • COMTRADE data export
  • MSCONS Data import (NEW) and export
  • Service including REST API
  • Online recorder
  • Alarm management
  • Measurement and consumption data export (CSV)
  • External devices (generic Modbus)
  • Expanded automation:
    - Reports
    - Database actions
    - Email/alerting
    - Cost centers and tariffs


Compatibility between GridVis® Service Edition and GridVis® Desktop Versions: Make sure that the version number of the GridVis® Edition "Service" corresponds to your desktop edition! A desktop edition e.g. with the version number 7.2.20 expects a service edition with the version number 7.2.20.


  • A desktop edition (such as GridVis® Professional) with version number 7.2.20 works with Service Edition 7.2.20.
  • A desktop edition (such as GridVis® Professional) version 7.2.20 does not work with Service Edition 7.2.81.
GridVis®-Professional 51.00.160

Similar to GridVis® Basic, but with the following functions:

  • Unlimited number of devices and data points
  • Database driver (MSSQL, MySQL)
  • Automation (reading, timing, etc.)
  • Virtual measurement devices and logic
  • User management
GridVis®-Basic - Free basic edition 51.00.116
  • Event browser (NEW)
  • Maximum five measurement devices
  • Graphs and analysis tools
  • Database (Jan-DB)
  • Reports:
    - Commissioning report
    - Energy and consumption reports
    - PQ reports (EN 50160, EN 61000-2-4 etc.)
    - RCM report
Optional Extensions
GridVis® Collector

Item-No. 51.00.400

  • Mobile data readout
  • Reading out measurement data from Janitza measurement devices on site without a communication connection
  • Battery runtime of up to 9 hours
  • Managing of up to 200 measuring devices
  • Synchronization of measurement data with a locally installed GridVis®  via Ethernet or WLAN
OPC UA Server

OPC UA Server 250 - Item-No. 51.00.151
OPC UA Server 1000 - Item-No. 51.00.152
OPC UA Server 2500 - Item-No. 51.00.153
OPC UA Server 10000 - Item-No. 51.00.154

  • Increase the connectivity
  • Providing measured values, key performance indicators and other numerical values directly to an OPC UA client and process further
  • The OPC UA server also offers KNX, SNMP as well as BACnet clients
  • Directly communication with the GridVis®
  • Offers online values for all of the devices and functions incorporated in GridVis®.
  • The OPC UA server is not a part of a GridVis® edition. It can be purchased as an option.
Attribute Basic Professional Service Ultimate
Installations (desktop) 1 3 5 5
Installations (service / virtual server) 0 0 2 2
Number of devices 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Update period Unlimited 1 year 1 year 1 year
Telephone support Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Janitza DB / Derby DB databasei
Manual reportsi
Graphical programmingi
Energy and consumption reportsi
Commissioning reporti
RCM report
Event browser
MS SQL / MySQL database support*1i
Automatic read-outi
Virtual devicei
User administrationi
Scheduling points in time
CSV / MSCONS data import
Active Directory
Scheduling time periods
PQ reports
Automatic Excel exporti
Generic Modbusi
Graphical programming module (read / write Modbus)i
Automatic reportsi
Online loggingi
Alarm managementi
Energy billing report
LET report
Uptime report
Image and symbol library
OPC UA Client
Web visualisation GridVis®-Energyi
Item number 51.00.116 51.00.160 51.00.180 51.00.190
Item number for update extension (per year) 51.00.161 51.00.181 51.00.191
Item number for upgrade to next higher suite 51.00.162 51.00.182

*1 SQL database is not included in the scope of deliverables.

Number of devices: Max. number of simultaneously loaded devices (e.g. within the basic version: a project with 5 devices or 5 projects with one device).
Update period: Time period in which new versions can be installed free of charge.
Automatic read-out: Device read-out in accordance with freely configurable time plans.
Online logging: Measurement data from devices without memory will be averaged in the GridVis® software.