Network visualisation software GridVis®

GridVis® Release 7.3 - available now

With GridVis® Release 7.3, Janitza has extended the powerful GridVis® with many interesting features, such as the integrated OPC UA client, web alarming and a series of new reports for the analysis and documentation of measurement data.


GridVis® reveals potential energy savings. In addition, the measured parameters can be analyzed to detect possible production stoppages at an early stage and thus to optimize your operating equipment uptime. The scalable, user-friendly software is perfect for building standard-compliant energy, fault monitoring / RCM and power quality monitoring systems.

New: GridVis® Tutorials

GridVis® e-Learning-Portal with tutorials with further information, brief introductions and helpful hints.

GridVis® E-Learning portal

Energy management (ENMS)

Certified in accordance with ISO 50001. You are on the safe side with Janitza GridVis® when it comes to topics such as energy management.

Safety & alarm management

Monitor limit values of measured variables, consumption data, residual currents as well as device communication. Reliable alerting via e-mail and the web interface. With Janitza’s GridVis® measurement technology and network visualization software, you give your company more reliability and safety.


Keep track of consumption data and costs. Recognize cost generators as well as problems in the power quality. Discover rising fault currents and overloads. Define key performance figures from consumption and measurement data in line with the specifications of ISO 50006.

Visualization & documentation

Web visualization in line with your needs. Quickly and easily create your own dashboards and overview with a large selection of functions and graphics, without programming skills. Benefit from prepared reports and documentation on the topics of energy management, power quality and residual current monitoring.

Network analysis & evaluation

Analyze and evaluate measurement data. The GridVis® software offers numerous functions, such as statistics, line diagrams, pie charts, heat maps, CBEMA curves, continuous lines, tables, Sankey diagrams, key performance indicators, etc. The functions can be designed intuitively. Measurement data can be analyzed as required by the user.

Open system

Regardless of whether it’s OPC UA, REST API or CSV, we offer many data import and export options as well as data access options. An open and future-proof system. Third-party devices can be easily integrated via OPC UA or Modbus. No other system offers more connectivity.

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