Network visualisation software GridVis®


An elementary module for energy management and power quality monitoring systems
Ein elementarer Baustein für Energiemanagement-  und Spannungsqualitäts-Monitoringsysteme
GridVis®-Ultimate 51.00.190

As GridVis®-Service, but with the following additional features:
NEW: GridVis®-Energy web interface

  • Expanded user management
  • Dashboards (customized creation of an unlimited number of pages)
  • Widgets
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPIs)
  • Sankey diagram for energy ow analysis
  • Device overview with graph function
  • Image manager
GridVis®-Service 51.00.180

As GridVis®-Professional, but with the following additional features:

  • Service (background process) for automatic data logging in the background
  • Online logging of measurement data
  • REST interface (e.g. integration into overarching ERP system or BMS)
  • Comprehensive alarm management
  • Export of measurement data into Excel
  • Generic Modbus (third-party devices can be integrated)
  • Read/write Modbus programming module
  • Automatic report generation
  • Cost centres
GridVis®-Professional 51.00.160

As GridVis®-Basic, but with the following additional features:

  • No restriction in number of measurement devices
  • MySQL / MS SQL DB support
  • Automatic read-out of the measurement devices
  • Virtual measurement devices
  • User management (for assigning user rights)
GridVis®-Basic - Free basic edition 51.00.116
  • Maximum of 5 devices
  • Comprehensive graph screen
  • Manual reports
  • Topology view
  • Janitza DB


With GridVis®, Janitza offers user-friendly software for the con guration of an energy monitoring system and for monitoring power quality.The GridVis®-Basic software, included with all Janitza measurement devices, allows the programming and con guration of grid analysers, universal measuring devices, data loggers and power factor correction controllers. It also provides the means to read, save, display, process, analyse and evaluate the measured data.

GridVis® is a comprehensive and scalable software solution for energy suppliers, industrialapplications,facilitymanagement, the property market and infrastructure projects.

With GridVis®, technical and commercial management can obtain the data that they require in order to identify energy saving potentials, reduce energy costs, take action to avoid production downtimes or to optimise the utilisation of operating equipment.

GridVis Kundennutzen

Customer benefits

  • Reduction of energy costs
  • In Germany, Energy tax relief from 2013 in conjunction with an EnMS
  • Ability to view energy consumption in the individual departments
  • Increase in supply reliability
  • Environmental preservation (ecological thinking)
  • Use of an optimised energy mix, optimisation of the energy contracts
  • Greater awareness of employees with regard to energy ef ciency and climate protection
  • Cost centre management
  • Cause-based assignment and accounting of energy costs

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