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UMG 801 Modulares Energiemessgerät

Modular energy measurement device UMG 801

The modular energy measurement device UMG 801 is optimally suited for the complex acquisition of an energy management system (according to ISO 50001). This flexible and robust device provides visibility to the energy consumption and energy costs at all measurement levels.

Various communication interfaces allow direct data transmission via OPC UA to higher-level systems, thereby saving high integration costs.

The UMG 801 is a future proofed investment allowing a total of 92 measuring channels via integrated current measurement modules that allow for easy expansion.

UMG 96-PA Energiemessgerät

UMG 96-PA energy measurement device

The UMG 96-PA energy measurement device combines four solutions in one device: Energy management according to ISO 50001, MID compliant measurement, power quality monitoring as well as ground fault monitoring (RCM).

Electrical energy is essential, but also costly – and sometimes even dangerous. Thus, the professional user must accurately measure it – quantitatively and qualitatively; he must analyse it and identify if it works in undesirable ways. The new UMG 96-PA energy measurement device from Janitza achieves all that.

Smart Energy Panel JPC 100-WEB

Smart Energy Panel JPC 100-WEB

The Smart Energy Panel JPC 100-WEB is an HMI for centralized visualization and monitoring of the energy measured values of all Modbus enabled Janitza devices. Modbus slave devices are integrated either via the gateway function of the master device or directly via the RS485 interface.

Measurement data independent of location: Direct access to the device homepage is provided by the web capability of the Smart Energy Panel. This may also be access via remote access.

Alarm management: Threshold value exceedances allow early identification of hazards.

GridVis® Netzvisualisierungssoftware

GridVis® grid visualisation software

GridVis® can be used to uncover your energy saving potential, reduce your energy costs, avoid production shut-downs and optimize the utilisation of production resources. The scalable, user-friendly software is perfectly suited for the development of energy, RCM and power quality monitoring systems.

Preview GridVis® 7.4

Modular units of measurement (i.e. UMG 801) may simply be configured and managed using GridVis® 7.4.

With the newly integrated utilization report, you may keep a close eye on your facility’s utilization.

Available starting Q3 2019.

Increase connectivity

OPC UA Server

With the OPC UA server, it is possible to make measured values, key figures and other numeric values directly available to an OPC UA and further process them. With the future-proof and open OPC UA protocol, you are able to offer all values, also on SNMP, BACnet, KNX and many other protocols, easily and straightforwardly.

The additionally installed server communicates directly with GridVis® and offers online values for all devices and functions integrated in GridVis®. The OPC UA server is not included in a GridVis® edition; it can be acquired separately.

Measure energy data – visualize energy consumption – reduce costs

In the Hessian city Lahnau, between Wetzlar and Gießen, we develop and manufacture for the German and international market. Our hardware and software products are always ahead of their time – and have been for more than half a century.

We introduce new technologies and combine existing applications to convinced, intelligent products and solutions. We serve different market segments in 60 countries with a network of competent sales partners, who support our customers directly at their location.

3-in-1 monitoring – measure your energy data continuously and reliably with Janitza energy measurement devices

One system – threefold benefits: Energy management, power quality monitoring and ground fault monitoring (RCM) in a common system environment. That is what the comprehensive Janitza product range stands for. The software and hardware components are optimally complemented to each another. Profit from our overall competence and comprehensive services across the entire product life cycle.

1. Energy management

DIN EN ISO 50001

  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Improves energy efficiency

2. Power quality

DIN EN 50160

  • Secures availability
  • Reduces downtimes
  • Optimises maintenance

3. Ground fault
 monitoring (RCM)

  • Improves supply reliability
  • Identifies insulation faults faster
  • Improves fire protection

Maximum transparency

Janitza measurement devices can be used at different measuring points across sectors. Thus you can keep an eye on energy consumption, power quality and other central measurement variables for your energy supply – even the integration of external devices is possible. Measure from the supply to the electrical end consumer (automat level). Measure continuously! Only in this way are your values transparent and comprehensible.

Our services

Upon request, we will support you during the commissioning of the devices and the GridVis® grid visualisation software, carry out basic and expert trainings and take over maintenance activities. The Janitza website will fully inform you about technical backgrounds, standards and solutions with a knowledge database.

You can find further informations of our products, software solutions and services, as well as interesting practical examples on our website at www.janitza.com.

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