Hohenems regional hospital

Hohenems regional hospital

Project description

The City of Hohenems lies in the middle of Austria's westernmost federal state Vorarlberg and has approximately 15,000 residents.

The Hohenems regional hospital has over 142 beds and an overall area of approx. 16,000 m².

An energy data acquisition system was installed as part of the complete renovation of the building, including the technical equipment. Products from the Janitza company are used to measure the electrical parameters. An extensive power analysis of the supply and a number of supply areas allow for a comprehensive cost centre allocation.


The hospital is supplied with power by 2 transformer stations from the power grid of the Vorarlberg power stations. The emergency power is supplied by a diesel unit

The power distribution is divided into two areas:

  • General power supply and
  • Backup voltage supply (in case of a power failure, power is supplied by the emergency power unit)

One UMG 507 was used on both the electrical supply and the supply points to analyse the entire power supply.

52 UMG 96S units were installed to perform the sub-measurements for all relevant building areas. These small multifunctional measuring devices record areas, such as floors, kitchens, departments, technical areas, UPS systems, ventilation systems, etc.

All UMG 507 and UMG 96S universal measuring devices were installed in the low voltage main distribution system. The communication and data transfer between the measuring devices are carried out via RS485 Modbus RTU.

Since the energy data acquisition in the rest of the building is carried out with M-Bus devices, another 25 energy meters with M-Bus communication modules were used. This made it possible to record areas that are not supplied directly from the main distribution system.

The data acquisition, archiving and visualisation is performed by the building management system from the company Siemens, which is used in the Hohenems regional hospital.

Project information

Country: Austria
Project name: Hohenems regional hospital
Area: Medical care
Applications: Power analyser and energy data acquisition
with cost centre allocation

Universal meter

UMG 507 # 52.15.004 5 devices
UMG 96S # 52.13.029 52 devices
EM3-80 # 14.01.320 25 devices


Modbus, RS485 Between all UMG 507 and UMG 96S units
M-Bus Between all M-Bus communication modules (EM3-80)

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