LAAX ski arena

Project: LAAX ski area

LAAX kicks off the winter with a worldwide innovation

Project description

Two new state-of-the-art, six-seater chairlifts were added to the ski area for the 2012/13 winter season as part of the large-scale "Revolution on the Mountain" project. It provides the guests in LAAX with an even larger variety of ski slopes, featuring 29 new ski lifts and covering 235 kilometres.

The Lavadinas-Fuorcla Sura six-seater chairlift is the first of its kind worldwide. It was developed in collaboration with Bartholet Maschinenbau AG in Flums, Switzerland and the Porsche Design Studios. In addition to the futuristic design, the mobile seating oasis sitting impresses with technical innovations never seen before. For example, there is a solar panel fitted on the back of the seat, which supplies the power necessary for the seat heating and ensures even more comfort. Another highlight includes in the rotating mechanism hinge in the cable suspension. It allows the chair to automatically turn 45 degrees when it leaves the station. As a result, instead of looking at the back of the skiers in front of them, guests have an open view of the mountain landscape.

„Revolution on the mountain“ – more than just new chairlifts

After the first poles were set for the new Treis Palas – Crap Masegn and Lavadinas – Fuorcla Sura trail last year in August, the construction work was successfully completed at the end of November.

The construction of the comfortable chairlifts was part of the large-scale "Revolution on the Mountain" project, the long-term master plan of the Weisse Arena Group. The objective is to revolutionise the experience of the guests with innovative solutions and to create a better offering.

"This requires smart solutions that offer our guests even more comfort, quality as well as an unforgettable experience. "Revolution on the Mountain" stands for more than the construction of new ski lifts. In fact, it redesigns the ski area and represents an increased focus to the beginner market," said Reto Gurtner, CEO of the Weisse Arena Group.

Opening of the Treis Palas - Crap Masegn six-seater chairlift

Thanks to the new Treis Palas – Crap Masegn six-seater chairlift, which was manufactured by Leitner AG in Sterzing, the guest enjoys faster transportation with maximum comfort. The new chairlift travels six meters per second. Speed is not the only convenient feature. Just like the Alp Dado – Crest la Siala six-seater chairlift (year of manufacturer 2011), the seat heating and protective weather hood ensure pleasant and dry travel in any weather. The kids stop ensures the safety of the smallest guests.

In contrast to the chairlifts up until now, the new lifts move six meters per second instead of five, which increases capacity by up to 20 percent. 100 percent of the wood used for the system comes from the Canton of Grisons. The two lifts not only impress with their sustainable construction, design and speed, but above all through the greater comfort for the guests. The longer stations make is possible to slow down the chairlifts at the approach. As a result, the barriers and carpet lifts are no longer needed, which makes it a lot easier and more comfortable, especially for beginners and less experienced skiers and snowboarders.

DThe large-scale "Revolution on the Mountain" project, with a total investment of 54 million Swiss francs, based on a long-term master plan. You can find more information about the "Revolution on the Mountain" project and all the technical data of the lift systems at


Project information

Country: Switzerland
Project: LAAX ski area
Applications: Energy acquisition / load management
Supervised by: Optec AG, Switzerland

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