Low-power current transformers,
class 0.5... / 0.1 A

Main features

General properties, type ASK

  • Unbreakable plastic housing
  • Polycarbonate black
  • Flame retardant
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Transformer housing ultrasonically welded
  • Nickel-plated secondary terminals with plus/minus M 5 x 8 mm screw, tightening torque max. 2 Nm
  • Integrated secondary closure flap
  • Connection cross section: max 4 mm2 with wire end ferrule, 6 mm2 solid

General properties, type CTB

  • UL certified
  • World's first current transformer with screwless connection technology - spring-loaded terminal block
  • Innovative, time-saving connection option (front or top) for solid and flexible conductors (max. 4 mm2 - wire end ferrules are not necessary)
  • Shock and vibration resistant, high mechanical holding forces
  • Maintenance-free, gas-tight connection
  • High current resistance
  • Therm. rated continuous current Icth: 1.2 x IN
  • Low-voltage current transformer for max. operating voltages up to 1.2 kV; use in 690 V networks possible

Technical data