PFC maintenance with performance per the maintenance contract

Annual reactive power check – function and safety checking of a PFC system. With the aid of a power factor correction system it is possible on the one hand to avoid superfluous reactive power costs by the energy provider, whilst also guaranteeing the optimisation of the energy costs. Furthermore, an improvement in the power quality is also guaranteed with a detuned PFC system because the harmonic currents can be effectively filtered from the network. Checking of the PFC system, which should take place once annually, ensures a long service life and optimum power capability.

Scope of performance

  • Visual inspection of the system, which encompasses the following points: Parts, contactors, fans, connections, capacitors, reactors, lines, checking the housing for damage and deformation
  • The regular elimination of dust and pollution prevents creepage distances and short circuits from arising and safeguards the air cooling
  • Measurement and recording of the power values for function testing
  • Creation of a test report for the actual status of the system
  • Further measures:Thermographic testing, etc.


Through consistent care and ensuring the functionality of the system, the following desired beneficial effects and advantages are attained:

  • Avoidance of reactive energy costs on a monthly basis, e.g. it is possible to save up to € 500 per month in Germany through the economical configuration of a PFC system with 300 kvar
  • Only a carefully maintained system guarantees a long service life; insufficiently cared for systems can also pose a safety risk
  • Very short amortisation times of just 1 to 2 years can be guaranteed through a functional PFC system