Portable energy measurement devices MRG Flex

Mobile network analyser

Stay flexible with the portable energy measurement devices from Janitza. Depending on the variant, the portable energy measurement devices are equipped with a UMG 96RM-E or UMG 512-PRO. This enables residual current and power quality (harmonics, short term interruptions, unbalances, etc.), for example, to be measured anywhere. The portable energy measurement devices are simple to use and integrate. They are the right choice for any application, thanks to a highly flexible measurement range from 100-4000 A.

Areas of application

The MRG 512-PRO PQ Flex measures harmonics up to the 63rd. harmonic, as well as flicker and short term interruptions. The MRG 512-PRO PQ Flex can be used for high-quality network analysis at class A level (IEC 61000-4-30), validation of the device accuracy, for example, and much more besides. The visualisation software GridVis®-Basic is available for free download. There are no gaps in the measurement in the event of power outages thanks to threehour UPS buffering. The device also has PLC functionality.


The MRG 96RM-E RCM Flex measures harmonics up to the 40th. harmonic. Possible uses include the analysis of electrical disturbances in the event of network problems, high quality comparative measurement of energy measurement devices and meters or the acquisition of residual currents via external current transformers. The GridVis®-Basic software is also available for free here too.


  • Flexible measurement of the power quality and the residual current
  • Cost-effective, robust and compact network analysers
  • Simple use and rapid integration of the measuring case
  • Large measurement range of 100–4000 A through Rogowski current transformer with measurement range changeover
  • Acquisition of all power quality parameters (harmonics, short term interruptions, unbalances, etc.) – depending on the model
  • Remote access via Ethernet and embedded web server
  • GridVis® PQ analysis software
  • Standard PQ reports, depending on model: EN 50160, IEEE519, ITIC, IEC 61000-2-4
  • Cost centre report
  • Large 256 MB internal memory for recording measurement data
  • Avoidance of measurement gaps in the event of power outages thanks to the three-hour UPS buffering (only with MRG 512-PRO PQ Flex)
  • Measurement up to 63rd. harmonic (MRG 512-PRO PQ Flex)


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