Checking the power quality and IT-compliant energy distribution

Fig.: Avoidance of stray currents on data lines

Energy and system check

Checking the power quality and TNS system- compliant electrical installation for IT and other systems. In order to prevent damage and faults in the systems, a link with fault-free electrical supply systems must be created. If this unit is not established, faults can have a negative effect on operating equipment. Such operating equipment includes in particular sensitive operating equipment such as data transfer systems, PLC controls, as well as supply lines for gas and water (alternating current corrosion). Occurrences such as faults in the IT system due to EMC problems, damage to systems through hazardous energy peaks, as well as strongly accelerated appearances of corrosion in buildings can lead to severe damage and production failures. Likewise, the personal safety of personnel and that of the system can also be endangered.

Scope of performance

  • Measurement and analysis of the electrical supply system
  • Detecting potential error sources and fault factors
  • Creation of a detailed report, which provides information on the actual status of the system
  • Creation of a measures catalogue for the improvement and optimisation of the energy supply
  • Further optional measures such as thermographic investigations, online monitoring including recurrent reporting, system monitoring for monitoring the improved systems, etc. on request


  • High operational reliability
  • Reduction of production downtimes
  • Substantiation of the system state
  • Rapid overview of error sources
  • Unique error code analysis
  • Timely detection of system problems
  • Cost centre optimisation of procurement material and repairs
  • Extended service life of machines and systems
  • Rapid data transfer
  • Reports on damaging events
  • Improvement of personnel and system protection