Schneggarei ski lodge

Project description

The Schneggarei ski lodge lies in the middle of the beautiful winter landscape of the exclusive ski resort Lech am Arlberg. It is right next to the Schleglkopf base station in the centre of Lech.

The modern and striking architecture of the ski lodge has received several awards since its completion in December 2002.

The Janitza UMG 604 power analyser (with Emax function) and two Janitza FBM10R 10-pole relay output modules are used in Schneggarei for monitoring power quality and load management control. The load management control is carried out by controlling the kitchen appliances.

The universal measuring devices in the Schneggarei ski lodge are configured, read out, visualised and stored in a MySQL database in long-term memory with the GridVis software. The UMG 604 measuring device is connected to the building network via Ethernet. The field bus modules are connected to the RS485 interface of the UMG 604 master device.


Project name

Country: Austria
Project name: Schneggarei ski lodge
Area: Tourism
Applications: Load management control with the UMG 604 incl. Emax function with two FBM10R relay output modules

Universal meter

UMG 604
(mit Option Emax)
# 52.16.080 1 device
FBM 10R # 15.06.075 2 devices


Ethernet For connecting the UMG 604 master device
into the building network
Modbus, RS485 Between UMG 604 (Emax) and FBM 10R


GridVis Configuration, visualisation reports, etc.