Summation current transformer for plug-on and split transformers

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Main features

If the current measurement is carried out with two or more current transformers (e.g. two transformers) and if the total consumption is to be calculated, the secondary signals from the individual current transformers can be summed with the help of summation current transformers. This enables the total consumption to be recorded with just one measurement instrument. The output of the summation current transformer is a standardised measurement signal. Alongside the addition of the input currents, the total is also divided by the number of summands (number of inputs).

  • Summation of the secondary currents from multiple main transformers
  • Access to the measurement possible for a measurement instrument
  • There is a standardised measurement signal available at the output
  • Distinction for similar and dissimilar main transformers
  • Burst-resistant plastic housing made from ABS, IP40
  • Rated power: 10 to 15 VA
  •  Precision class: 0.5 and 1
  • Secondary current: 1 A and 5 A
  •  Maximum conductor cross-section: 2.5 Ø solid, 1.5 Ø flexible
  • Dimensions: 115 x 45 x 73 mm (W x H x D)

Technical data