Monitoring systems for distribution networks

The challenge:


Flexible architecture

The controllers and management systems are becoming significantly more complex due to the vast increase in data volume (big data). Hierarchies are becoming deeper, control algorithms are becoming more extensive and the data security requirements are increasing.

Today, data entry concentrates on the high and medium voltage levels. In the future, the data flow for control will grow significantly. Monitoring the low voltage level is added to this, which results in 35,000 data records (1/4 hourly values) per measurement point per year.

In order to limit the data volume, Janitza measuring devices allow an individual, customer-specific selection of measurement parameters and definition of the averaging times. The programming option for the network analysers via graphical editors or Jasic®source code enables critical parameters to be monitored at the measuring points and only relevant data to be sent to the master display.

This is possible with all available physical media:

  • Fibre optics 
  • Copper cables
  • Mobile telephony
  • PLC

A wide range of transfer protocols and protocol converters guarantee a simple system connection.


The directive for data security is the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (Bundesverband der Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft – BDEW) white paper "Requirements for Secure Control and Telecommunication Systems". Networks are critical infrastructures. Therefore, the highest safety standards are required. 'End-to-end' encryption technologies are favoured.

Burden of proof

By the end of 2014, all European energy suppliers must publish data such as capacity and current production of their power plants promptly and submit this data to the EU regulation authority ACER. The German Electricity Grid Access Ordinance (Stromnetzzugangsverordnung) already requires network operators to enable measurement, balancing and billing that is based on values that are compiled every quarter of an hour. They must submit these to the German federal grid agency (Bundesnetzagentur) automatically. Class A power quality analysers from Janitza enable the proof of delivery to be generated lawfully and therefore to prevent unjustifi ed claims and to organise reporting for grid agencies easily.

Our solution

Mobile telephony modem and Easy Gateway EG400 gateway

Data connection and simple commissioning: Communication gateway for wireless and hard-wired communication

Further information

Communication architecture for the monitoring system

Because of the flexible interfaces the measurement devices can be conveniently connected to existing interfaces. The open system architecture makes it possible to transfer easily measurement data and information to the control room (SCADA).

Our solution

GPS radio receiver

Time synchronisation between UMG power quality analysers, Works worldwide, Receive and process the GPS time signal (GMT), Controls up to four of the UMG 512 model

Further information

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