UMG 512

Power quality

  • Harmonics analysis up to the 63rd harmonic, odd / even (U, I, P, Q)
  • Interharmonics (U, I)
  • Distortion factorTHD-U / THD-I / TDD
  • Measurement of positive, negative and zero sequence component
  • Imbalance
  • Direction of rotation field
  • Voltage crest factor
  • Flicker measurement in accordance per DIN EN 61000-4-15
  • Logging and storage of transients (> 39 μs)
  • Short term interruptions (from 10 ms), illustration with effective values and waveforms
  • he half wave effective values of voltage, current, power, reactive power and frequency for star and delta are available simultaneously

High quality measurement

  • Constant true RMS
  • Measurement process in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30
  • Certified accuracy of measurement per class A
  • Continuous sampling of the voltage and current measurement inputs at 25,600 Hz
  • 512 measurement points per period
  • Recording of over 2,000 measured values per measurement cycle
  • Accuracy of measurement of the active energy: Class 0.2
  • Ultrasonic measurement even enables the logging of rapid transients from 39 μs
  • Logging of currents and voltages (15 – 440 Hz)

GridVis® – network visualisation software

With GridVis®, Janitza offers powerful, user-friendly software for the development of energy and power quality monitoring systems. The basic version GridVis®-Basic, which is part of the scope of delivery of the measurement devices, serves both for the programing and configuration of the UMG 512 and also for the reading out, saving, display, processing and analysis of the measurement data. GridVis® is a comprehensive and scalable software solution for energy suppliers, industrial applications, facility management, building market and infrastructure projects. GridVis® provides technicians and managers with the required data to identify potential energy savings, reduce energy costs, avoid production shut- downs and optimise the utilisation of production resources.

Power quality

  • Intuitive operation
  • Configuration of the measurement system and the UMG measurement devices
  • Certified ISO 50001 EnMS software
  • Automatic or manual readout of measurement data
  • Graphical illustration of online and historical measurement data
  • Comprehensive alarm management
  • User management
  • Generic Modbus devices, virtual meters
  • Graphic user interface (topological view) for visualising real-time data and messages
  • Display of minimum, average and maximum values in a graph
  • Statistical evaluation of the measured data
  • Comprehensive export functions (e.g. Excel)
  • Reports for energy usage and power quality (EN 50160, IEEE 519, EN 61000-2-4) manual or time-controlled with individual schedule
  • Saving of data in a central database incl. database management (e.g. MySQL / MS SQL / Derby / Janitza DB)
  • Open system architecture and scalability
  • Diverse attributes are dependent on the version


The power quality in the real grid nowadays is far removed from a pure sinusoidal waveform in most cases. Various different "grid feedback effects" in the form of voltage interruptions, transients, harmonics, flicker or start-up currents change the sinusoidal character of the currents and thus also the voltage.The GridVis® software offers all tools necessary for the PQ analysis and likewise for the energy management systems.The heart of the network analysis and the energy management is the reporting system of the GridVis® software. This shows at a glance the confirmation of whether the power quality is adequate or not in the time period in question. Reports can compile different information, depending on the requirements and the settings.Thus one can have energy and power related cost centre reports, for example. In doing so the display of arbitrary media (gas, water, etc.) is possible. Load profile analyses provide a quick overview of the peak consumption.

Power quality

  • Pre-defined PQ reports provide immediate statements about the power quality and compliance with the applicable standards: EN 50160, EN 61000-2-4, NeQual, IEEE 519, ITIC (CBEMA) (only manual)
  • Reports can be generated, time-driven
  • Freely configurable time plans
  • Reports’ outputs as paper or digital (HTML, XML, Excel, Word or PDF)
  • Convenient, time-driven, automatic Excel export for further processing of the data or incorporation into other systems

Energy management

  • Integrated report generator enables the evaluation of the delivered energy usage data
  • Presentation of the electrical energy values from measurement devices as well as evaluation of other media (e.g. gas, water, etc.) possible
  • Load profile analyses provide an overview of peak consumption throughout a stipulated period of time

EN 50160 power quality, annual report

Energy suppliers have the challenge of numerous measurement points over a 52 week period. In practice one cannot look through this large number of individual reports.The GridVis® software provides reports for energy supply companies, distribution network operators and regulatory authorities.This annual overview is based on the standard EN 50160 and ensures a quick overview of the supply areas in which EN 50160 was not complied with for defined periods of the year.

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