UMG 605

Power quality

  • Continuous power quality monitoring (e.g. EN 50160)
  • Harmonics analysis up to the 63rd harmonic, even and odd
  • Interharmonics
  • Distortion factorTHD-U /THD-I
  • Measurement of positive, negative and zero sequence component
  • Flicker measurement in accordance with DIN EN 61000-4-15
  • Logging and storage of transients (> 50 μs)
  • Recording of short-term interruptions (> 20 ms)
  • Monitoring start-up processes
  • Recorder for limit value events


  • 4 voltage and 4 current measurement inputs
  • Logging and digitalisation of effective values (true RMS) of currents and voltages (15 – 440 Hz)
  • Continuous sampling of the voltage and current measurement inputs at 20 kHz
  • Recording of over 2,000 measured values per measurement cycle (200 ms)
  • Stipulation of nominal current possible for measuring current events
  • Fourth current measurement input is suitable for measuring the current in the neutral or PE conductor or for measuring any potential difference between N and PE
  • Large measured data memory (memory range = 5 000 000 measured values)
  • Simple remote polling of measured data via the device's own homepage
  • All interfaces can be used simultaneously
  • Up to 4 ports can be accessed simultaneously
Fig.: GridVis®– Flicker Monitoring
Fig.: GridVis®– Flicker Monitoring

Impressive reporting with GridVis®

  • Automatic generation and sending of power quality reports
  • Power quality reports per EN 50160, EN 61000-2-4, IEEE519
  • Illustration of the ITI-(CBEMA) curve
  • Freely definable time planning for the generation of reports
Fig.: Automatic reporting
Fig.: Automatic reporting

Modern communications architecture via Ethernet

  • Rapid, cost-optimised and reliable communication through integration into an existing Ethernet architecture
  • Integration in PLC systems and building management systems
  • High flexibility due to the use of open standards
  • Simultaneous polling of interfaces possible

Ethernet-Modbus gateway

  • Simple integration of Modbus-RTU devices into an Ethernet architecture through the Modbus gateway function
  • Integration of devices with identical file formats and matching function codes possible via Modbus RTU interface

Powerful alarm management

  • Can be programmed via the graphic programming or Jasic® source code
  • All measured values can be used
  • Can be arbitrarily, mathematically processed
  • Individual forwarding via email sending, switching of digital outputs, writing to Modbus addresses etc.
  • Watchdog-APP
  • Further alarm management functions via GridVis®-Service alarm management
Fig.: Alarm management, alarm list (logbook)
Fig.: Alarm management, alarm list (logbook)


  • Fast and reliable data exchange via RS485 interface
  • Speed up to 921.6 kB/s

Graphical programming

  • Comprehensive programming options on the device, 7 programs simultaneously (PLC functionality)
  • Jasic® source code programming
  • Functional expansions far beyond pure measurement
  • Complete APPs from the Janitza library
Fig.: Graphical programming
Fig.: Graphical programming

Convenient home page and email functions

  • Information can be received conveniently by email and via the device homepage
  • Access to powerful device homepage via web browser
  • Online data, historical data, graphs, events and much more, is available direct from the homepage
Fig.: Illustration of the online data via the device's own homepage
Fig.: Illustration of the online data via the device's own homepage

Large measurement data memory

  • 128 MByte
  • 5.000.000 saved values
  • Recording range up to 2 years
  • Recording freely configurable by the user
Fig.: Large measurement data memory
Fig.: Large measurement data memory
Fig.: GridVis® Graphset with THD-U, voltage, phasor diagram and load profile (kW)
Fig.: GridVis® Graphset with THD-U, voltage, phasor diagram and load profile (kW)

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