Modular erweiterbarer Netzanalysator UMG 96-PQ-L

Entry-level universal energy measurement device UMG 96-S2

High precision multipurpose device

  • Increase the transparency of your energy data

    Qualified statements about energy consumption and power quality can only be made through measurements that extend beyond the feed point. To locate disturbances or energy wasters, data must be recorded at multiple points in the network, the granularity (resolution) of the measurement is key. The new UMG 96-S2 is an ideal solution for this task. It is suitable for measuring and controlling electrical variables, energy consumption as well as monitoring the power quality parameters, such as harmonics. It is used in energy distribution systems, for example, to record cost centres and monitor thresholds. In addition, the device can also be used as a measurement value sensor for building management systems or a PLC.