The communications professional Multifunctional power measurement device with PROFINET interface

Main features

  • 6 current channels

    • Current measurement channel for phase L1
    • Current measurement channel for phase L2
    • Current measurement channel for phase L3
    • Current measurement channel for neutral conductor
    • 2 x RCM (optional thermistor input)
  • Interfaces

    • 2 Ethernet interfaces that conform to PROFINET and integrated switch to set up line topologies
    • Additional RS485 interface
    • 2 digital outputs (pulse output, switch output, threshold value output, logic output)
    • 3 additional digital inputs/outputs
  • REST interface

    • Software interface to query measured values via an HTTP protocol, e.g. to include the measured data in higher-level software solutions (GLT, PLC, SCADA, etc.)
    • Machine-machine communication thanks to a simple architecture model
  • RCM (residual current)

    • Fire and device protection
    • System safety
    • Identifying insulation faults
    • Safeguarding system availability
  • Web server

    • Real-time display of current power / current and voltage values on the device homepage
    • Device homepage can be called in the browser at any time
    • Online measured values display
  • GridVis®-Basic

    • Visualisation and evaluation of the measured values
    • Simple report creation
    • Setting up energy management systems in accordance with ISO 50001

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