Comprehensive Energy Management and Power Quality Solutions

Secure, sustainable and efficient energy management is our focus.

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible and scalable system architecture
  • Easy integration of non-communicative meters with digital inputs
  • Capture of all media, including water, air, gas, electrical and steam consumption (WAGES)
  • Use your existing infrastructure or our adaptive system architecture

With Janitza measurement technology, you enjoy a one-stop solution – from current transformers to measuring devices, analysis software to custom coding.

The product portfolio

Complete solutions for EnMS and PQMS

Your secure, sustainable and efficient handling of electrical energy is our top priority.

This is why we supply our energy measurement technology, class A power quality monitoring devices, GridVis® system software, energy data manage- ment systems, digital integrated measurement equipment, power factor power factor controllers, harmonics filters and correction systems throughout the world.

Our customers appreciate our complete system solutions for up-to-date energy data management (e.g ISO 50001) and power quality solutions. Thanks to the scalability of our products and solutions you can also introduce our energy data management system step-by-step.

We will support you from the development of the conceptual solution through to commissioning. We will also help you with the maintenance and support - and training your personnel for the secure operation of the energy systems.