Energy measurement device with direct PROFINET integration

The communications professional - UMG 96RM-PN


Energy measurement device with direct PROFINET integration

The UMG 96RM is a very compact and powerful multifunctional measuring device for energy measurement technology. The new UMG 96RM-PN model is certified for PROFINET and is suitable for using PROFIenergy.

As a multifunctional network analyser, the device offers features that are unique in this class: It does not just capture electrical consumption data and standard values but also power quality values such as harmonics up to the 40th harmonic. A further highlight is integrated residual current monitoring (RCM), which can be used to detect insulation faults at an early stage. This increases the system availability and reduces the risk of fire.

The UMG 96RM-PN has a 2-port Ethernet switch. The IP configuration can be provided statically or via PROFINET DCP. The parameters for the most important device settings can also be set using PROFINET. Its digital inputs and outputs can be used via both Modbus and PROFINET. Two analogue inputs are available for 0-50 mA or to capture temperatures. An additional 5A current measurement channel can monitor the neutral conductor, for example.