Future with tradition – made in Germany

Future with tradition – made in Germany

Future with tradition – made in Germany

Janitza still develops and manufactures its products in Germany.

In 1986 Janitza electronics GmbH emerged from Eugen Janitza GmbH (founded in 1961). For more than half a century, the family-owned company Janitza has been introducing new technologies, combining them with existing applications in order to create compelling, intelligent products and solutions.

Janitza develops and manufactures the entire product range (hardware and software) in Germany at the Lahnau site. The label "Made in Germany" is considered as of the most popular labels in the world, but fewer and fewer companies possess this seal of approval today. "Quality", "sustainability" and "safety standards" are relevant categories of this seal. Thus the goal of Janitza is not only to offer the highest quality. With Janitza products, solutions and services, users can increase their energy efficiency and measure, analyze and optimize the quality of their energy flows. At the same time, plant and personal safety are maximized.

Referring to the production of hardware and software, Janitza places a special focus on regional employees and partners – therefore the region is supported economically. In addition, short transport routes and the sustainable use of resources contribute to the protection of the environment.

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