Janitza Electronics Marks a New Era with the Groundbreaking of Its Future Factory

March 22, 2024 – Janitza Electronics celebrated the start of construction for its visionary factory with a groundbreaking ceremony and the burial of a time capsule, marking a historic moment for future generations.


Janitza Electronics Marks a New Era with the Groundbreaking of Its Future Factory

Set to be completed by the second quarter of 2026, this future factory stands as a testament to innovation and sustainability. Representing the largest single investment in the company’s history at EUR 30 million, it heralds a new chapter.

The ambitious Project22 kicked off in 2022, with comprehensive preparatory work including 14 boreholes drilled to around 300 meters deep, setting the stage for a facility ready to meet any future challenges. Martin Truthe, reflecting on the project’s scope, stated, 'This factory is meticulously designed for future needs, offering 71% more production space and 150% more office space, all while operating on a CO₂-neutral and self-sufficient energy model.'

Spanning over 10,000 square meters, the new facility will not only accommodate production, administration, labs, and tech areas but also is expected to generate 300 new jobs, significantly boosting the local economy. This expansion is vital as the company’s workforce has grown more than tenfold since 2005, now totaling around 450 employees globally. The existing facility in Lahnau’s industrial estate is already operating at full capacity, delivering 350,000 units last year with numbers expected to climb.

International markets play a big role in the company's success. With subsidiaries in the USA, Austria, Australia, and locations planned for Ireland/UK and India, the company is excellently positioned for future success on both regional and global scales.

Congratulatory messages from all Janitza branches were included in the time capsule, celebrating the groundbreaking of the new building project." The time capsule is intended to give future employees an impression of the company today. With a current daily newspaper, the UMG 801 product flagship, a photo collage and a letter to the future, it provides an insight into current world events and illustrates central Janitza values such as innovative strength, team spirit and future orientation.

Owner and CEO Markus Janitza sums it up: "This act is not only the symbolic starting signal for Janitza's upcoming construction project, but also a sign of our shared visions, hard work and togetherness. With every spade we move, we are now laying the foundations for the further development of Janitza electronics."