Portable energy measurement devices (MRG Flex)

Portable energy measurement devices

Areas of application

The MRG 512-PRO PQ Flex measures harmonics up to the 63rd harmonic as well as flicker and short-time interruptions. Applications of the MRG 512-PRO PQ Flex are e.g. high-quality network analyses on class A level (IEC 61000-4-30), validation of device accuracy, and many more. The grid visualization software GridVis®-Basic is available for download free of charge. Due to a three-hour UPS buffering, there are no gaps in the measurement in case of power failure. Furthermore, the device has PLC functionality.

The MRG 96RM-E RCM Flex measures harmonics up to the 40th harmonic. Possible applications are e.g. the analysis of electrical disturbances in case of grid problems, high-quality comparison measurements of energy meters and meters or the acquisition of residual currents via external current transformers. GridVis®-Basic is also available here free of charge.


    • Flexible measurement of voltage quality and residual current
    • Inexpensive, robust and compact power analyzers
    • Easy operation and fast integration of the measurement cases
    • High measuring range of 100-4000 A due to Rogowski current transformers with measuring range switching
    • Acquisition of all voltage quality parameters (harmonics, short-time interruptions, asymmetries, ...) - depending on model
    • Remote access via Ethernet and embedded web server
    • GridVis® PQ analysis software
    • Standard PQ reports, depending on version: EN 50160, IEEE519, ITIC, IEC 61000-2-4
    • Cost center report
    • Large 256 MB internal memory for measurement data recording
    • Prevention of gaps in measurement in case of power failure by three-hour UPS buffering (only for MRG 512-PRO PQ Flex)
    • Measurement up to 63rd harmonic (MRG 512-PRO PQ Flex)