Data logger and Ethernet-Modbus Gateway ProData® 2

ProData® 2 data logger

ProData® 2 data logger

Whether electricity or water – gas, steam or pressure: The ProData®2 data logger captures and saves all consumption and process data as well as status messages (e.g. switch settings).

Main features

  • Ethernet connection

    An Ethernet connection can be used to make integration into an IT network particularly simple and comprehensive. UMG measuring devices with an Ethernet connection run various IP protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SNMP, DHCP, TFTP, SMTP, BACnet (optional), etc.

  • Pulse input/output

    Pulse inputs can be used to record the values for meters such as water and gas meters using UMG measuring devices. Using pulse outputs as a measured value transducer, the working pulses can be transferred to a control system such as BCS, PLC, SCADA systems.

  • Ethernet-Modbus-Gateway

    The Ethernet Modbus gateway can be used to easily include the Modbus RTU devices that are connected to the master device as slaves in an Ethernet architecture. This is also possible via a Modbus RTU interface for devices with identical file formats and matching function codes.

  • Thermistor input

    The integrated thermistor input for thermal elements (PT 100/1000, KTY 83 or 84) can be used in diverse ways. Therefore, sensitive system parts can have further protection in addition to current and power monitoring, e.g. transformer temperature. Typical application areas are temperature monitoring in low voltage main distribution systems, transformers or server cabinets.

  • Memory

    Many UMG measuring devices have their own memory containing typical recording ranges of up to 2 years. Recording is freely configurable. A 128 megabyte memory can record around 5,000,000 values.

  • Threshold value monitoring

    Threshold value monitoring can be assigned to both alarm management and switching operations. Corresponding UMG measuring devices have digital outputs that are suitable as switch outputs. Therefore, certain reactions can be automated if a threshold value is exceeded or not reached.


    • ISO 50001 EnMS
    • Integrate impulse meters (in range)
    • Capture non-electrical values
    • Generate performance indicators
    • Capture status messages
    • Generate alarms
    • Ethernet-Modbus slave gateway