Residual current monitoring device, type A, for Rogowski CTs RCM 201-ROGO

Residual current monitoring device

Janitza residual current monitoring

The RCM 201-ROGO enables continuous monitoring of TN-S systems and comply with DIN EN 62020/VDE 0663/IEC 62020. This refers to residual current monitoring devices which check circuits for the occurrence of a residual current and trigger an alarm if a set alarm value is exceeded. It is ideally suited for monitoring residual currents in TN-S systems. The main application of the stand-alone device is the measurement of Type A residual current for large cross-section or busbar systems. In combination with a Rogowski coil (included in the scope of delivery), the user enjoys flexibility even in confined spaces and also benefits from the retrofitting capability of the measurement device.

If the monitoring of residual current of type A to type B+ at low-voltage main distribution or sub-distribution in grounded systems is required the RCM 202-AB is the perfect solution.

  • Advantages of continuous residual current monitoring

  • Increase the safety of electrical installations

  • Reduction of measuring effort for repeat testing

  • Save costs and increase high-level availability