Residual current analyzer, type AB

Residual current analyzer
according to IEC 62020


The new RCM 202-AB measuring device from Janitza enables continuous monitoring of residual currents in grounded TN systems according to DIN EN 62020/VDE 0663/IEC 62020.

Continuous monitoring can detect residual currents at an early stage and prevent system damage, including production downtime. The decisive factor here is to detect the usually creeping increases in residual currents before fuses trip residual current circuit breakers or data transmission/production is disrupted. In addition, suitable RCM measurement monitors loads and cable installations for residual currents and offers an alternative to insulation measurement on fixed electrical installations (see IEC 60364-6:2016). This can bypass shutdowns of high-availability installations and significantly reduce testing costs. In addition, there are further advantages such as preventive fire protection and the detection of vagrant return currents which cause EMC problems.

The RCM 202-AB measuring instrument is ideal for this task. It can detect, analyze and monitor residual currents of type A, B and B+. The evaluation covers all residual current types with an associated frequency analysis. For example, 50Hz, pure DC or high-frequency residual currents in the 20kHz range can be displayed individually. This makes the type of fault relatively quickly apparent and the user knows where to look.

The RCM 202-AB can be combined with common Janitza differential current transformers and allows Tyb B+ measurement even with separable transformers. With their wide frequency range and patented measurement method, the transformers can be used flexibly. With these performance features, the RCM 202-AB is the first RCM type B+ device for retrofitting in existing installations. It is perfectly suited for high-availability installations where shutdowns are not possible and good EMC must be ensured, such as data centers, hospitals, production facilities or logistics centers.