Meter reading report

Get a total overview of all meter reading values.

Clear EEG-Balancing

With the meter reading report, all meter readings can be displayed quickly and clearly, so that it is clear at a glance which privileges apply to the EEG levy in the selected period. The meter reading report includes an overview page on which the consumptions, subdivided into the respective privileges, are displayed and offset.

In this way, the savings in the selected period can be seen immediately. In addition, an overview of the accrued electricity quantities as well as the status of the recorded values is given. For each device, a list with the raw data of the report period is available in the report. It serves as a data record and can be compared with the data on the device display if required.

Simple creation of the evaluation

The meter reading report can be created quickly and easily using the Janitza grid visualization software GridVis®. In the configuration, the creator is guided step by step through the possible settings for the report. Among other things, the period for which the report is to be created and the accrual variant are selected.

The optional subordination rule can also be used. The measuring devices to be evaluated can be selected individually in a list overview. Up to five different exemption classes can be created and measuring devices specifically applied. In this way, the meter reading report can be adapted to individual needs.