Tender documents

In the following sections you will find our tender texts in several languages.

The best possible integration of our tender texts with as little manual post-processing as possible on your part is a special concern for us.

Unfortunately, due to the absence of higher-level guidelines or standards, we cannot rule out the possibility that tender documents may have to be reworked.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Disclaimer for tender documents

Our tender documents are prepared in a standardized manner and validated internally before publication. As a source of the technical data of the tender documents, we refer to the technical documentation of the products in the download area of our website.

We welcome your feedback if, contrary to expectations, you discover an error in the tender documents. In the event of an error or changes, the documents will be revised as quickly as possible.

The tender documents provided represent individual components of potential system solutions. Combining them to form a system solution requires appropriate specialist knowledge and/or expert advice from the manufacturer or its partners.

As a product manufacturer, we have the utmost confidence in the competence of our customers, but cannot rule out planning errors due to incorrect combinations. We ask for your understanding that liability for self-created combinations of provided individual tender texts is excluded for the reasons mentioned above.


In addition, the following disclaimer is made:

The pictures, information and other data provided by Janitza electronics GmbH / Janitza LP do not represent any consulting service.

Liability claims against Janitza electronics GmbH / Janitza LP for damage caused by the use or non-use of the images, information and other data provided by Janitza electronics GmbH / Janitza LP are excluded, unless Janitza electronics GmbH / Janitza LP is guilty of intentional or grossly negligent conduct on the part of the user or operator.

Janitza electronics GmbH / Janitza LP expressly reserves the right to change, amend or delete any of the following pictures, information and other data at any time and without notice.

Documentation errors in the form of typing errors or incorrect illustrations etc. are also excluded from liability.

The terms of use of the products of Janitza electronics GmbH / Janitza LP also apply.