Janitza Electronics Launches Extensive Advertising Campaign to Attract New Talent

Embarking on the second phase of our eye-catching campaign starting October 6, Janitza electronics engages potential new hires with large-scale posters in Wetzlar, Asslar, and Giessen under the slogan "Work Time is Life Time - Say Yes to Janitza."

Janitza Electronics Launches Extensive Advertising Campaign to Attract New Talent

From July 4 to 21, posters spotlighted divisions with available positions, including in software and hardware development, manufacturing, sales, and quality assurance.

Remarkably, every individual featured on the posters is a Janitza employee, highlighting not only their strong identification with the company but also underscoring the significance of genuine interactions both within the company and with our customers.

The campaign doesn’t stop at posters. A prominently advertised bus will also traverse the route between Wetzlar and Giessen until mid-2024, further spotlighting Janitza as a desirable employer.

Janitza is in a phase of expansion. To meet the substantial demand for solutions in energy measurement technology, Janitza is actively seeking talent from the region. Currently, numerous positions across all company divisions are listed on the homepage, with more to be added soon.

"The demand for both young and experienced talent will undoubtedly persist," shares Kai Druschel, Head of Human Resources at Janitza electronics GmbH. "Ongoing social and political dynamics will continue to elevate the importance of energy efficiency and a safe and reliable power supply for companies and public institutions alike in the years ahead. With our current campaign, we are in search of individuals who will say 'yes' to becoming part of Janitza."

The landing page, jazujanitza.de, designed exclusively for this advertising campaign, has already garnered over 2,000 visits, highlighting a robust interest in the company. Numerous positive verbal responses to the initial billboard in July affirm the campaign’s potent impact within the region. "Consequently, we will rerun the billboard to fill any remaining positions," explains Christiane Löhr, Marketing Communications Department Manager. "I am optimistic that through this campaign, we will identify prospective employees eager to forge a sustainable and innovative future with us."