Energy management in a data center must be able to do more than just record meter readings. Tough requirements for energy efficiency, safety, and high availability require a comprehensive overview of the energy supply.

Core Tasks Energy Data Acquisition in Data Centers

  • High Availability
  • Fire Protection
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Cost Center Data
    • Measurement technology plays a crucial role in monitoring high availability. By detecting voltage events in time, the damage and impairments which result from them can be avoided. Consequently, power quality must be monitored according to normative specifi cations such as IEC 61000-2-4:2002, IEEE 519 and ITIC (CBEMA). Depending on which area of the data center you are in, different standards and limit values apply.

    • High availability and fire protection are essential in data centers. The functionality of TN-S systems can be monitored and logged using a comprehensive residual current monitoring (RCM) system. Fires and failures can be detected and prevented before they occur.

    • The PUE and other characteristic values, such as energy performance indicators (EnPIs) and key performance indicators (KPIs), can be evaluated very well using the ISO 50001/50006 certified Janitza GridVis® power grid monitoring software. With the modular system solutions by Janitza the requirements of an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 as well as energy efficiency enablement according to ISO/IEC DIS 22237-3 can be realised.

    • In colocation data centers, cost centers must be established and their energy metering values must be provided on a monthly basis. With MID measurement devices such as the UMG 96-PA-MID+ or MID direct meters, the values for individual racks or rental areas can be recorded, charged and assigned to customers by means of cost centers.

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