Maintenance contracts

Energy and system check to verify power quality and IT-compatible power distribution.

  • Energy and system check

  • Verification of power quality (according to EN 50160, EN 61000-2-4) and IT-compatible power distribution.

    Since malfunctions of the IT system due to EMC problems and damage to equipment (e.g. due to impermissible mains feedback) can lead to production downtimes and endanger the personal safety of employees, a link must be created with fault-free electrical supply systems. This applies in particular to sensitive equipment, such as data transmission systems, PLC controls, but also supply lines for gas and water (danger of AC corrosion).

    We carry out a power and system check by checking the voltage quality and the T-N-S system-compliant electrical installation for IT and other systems.

    As part of the measurement including analysis of the electrical supply system, catalogues of measures for improving and optimising the energy supply are drawn up. A detailed report of damage events provides information on the actual state of the installation.


    Visual inspection of the system, which includes the following points: Components, contactors, fans, connections, busbars, cables, inspection of the enclosures for damage or deformation.
    Regular removal of dust and dirt prevents the formation of creepage distances and short circuits and ensures air cooling.
    Measurement and logging of power values for function testing
    Drawing up a test report on the actual condition of the system
    Further measures: thermographic inspection, etc.

  • Remote maintenance contracts on an annual basis

  • Trust is good, control is better. Protect yourself by having your energy monitoring or energy management system checked once a year. Janitza remote maintenance contracts cover the following areas, among others:

    • Database: accessibility, size, available memory
    • Measuring devices: accessibility and setting
    • Verification of recorded measurement data
    • Test reports
    • If necessary: Upgrade of the GridVis® system software or the UMG firmware.
  • Calibration with calibration reports

  • Calibration is used to check the accuracy of the measuring device. It is carried out at regular intervals. Calibration includes a visual inspection for external defects and internal damage to the electronics and conductors, a comprehensive function check with an automatic test, a firmware update, high-voltage tests (safety check) and the issue of a factory calibration report.