Janitza is successfully certified as a "Climate Partner" company.

ClimatePartner-certified company - this means that we have calculated our greenhouse gas emissions, defined reduction targets, continuously implement reductions and finance climate protection projects.


Janitza is successfully certified as a

The "Climate Partner certified" label confirms full transparency across the entire climate protection strategy. This means that the company is committed to firmly integrating climate protection targets into its corporate strategy and implementing reduction measures.
The "ClimatePartner-certified" label confirms that 

  1. the carbon footprint is calculated regularly,
  2. Janitza has set targets for reducing carbon emissions,
  3. concrete measures have already been implemented,
  4. Janitza supports certified climate protection projects,
  5. Janitza communicates its climate protection measures transparently via an individual Climate ID website.

The certification is a visible result of our efforts as a medium-sized company to play a pioneering role in the transparent collection of emissions data and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It is also an obligation for the future development of the company to reduce the proportion of CO2 emissions as far as possible and to compensate for the unavoidable proportion,says Rudolf Mueller, Managing Director of Janitza electronics GmbH. 

Status Quo 

Emissions are systematically recorded across all scopes, indicating where carbon emissions originate, whether internally within the company or externally, such as during transportation. Janitza energy measurement devices play a crucial role in this process, supplemented by data from upstream and downstream company activities. 

The evaluation included data from 120 measuring devices, 2,627 purchased items and 24,387 sold items.  

Analysis of emissions across scopes revealed that the majority arise from upstream and downstream activities, such as purchased products and logistics. " Scope 1 and 2 emissions represent just 0.5% of total emissions, indicating our success in minimizing direct carbon emissions. This achievement reflects our ongoing efforts in recent years to establish highly efficient and sustainable production," says Patrick Steiss, Energy Manager at Janitza electronics GmbH. 


In order to reduce carbon emissions, a very important and far-reaching measure was already implemented during the emissions assessment: since mid-2022, both the Lahnau and Wetzlar sites have been using 100% green electricity with verified origins. Furthermore, a part of the logistics operations has been converted to carbon neutral shipping. These initiatives, coupled with previously established efficiency measures such as the deployment of heat pumps and three photovoltaic systems, have led to a significant reduction in emissions. Additionally, the ongoing electrification of our company fleet and the provision of job bikes for employees, allowing them to purchase bicycles through deferred compensation, further contribute to our sustainability efforts. 

Offsetting projects 

In addition to reducing emissions within our own operations, financing climate protection projects constitutes a significant part of our climate protection strategy. In collaboration with Climate Partner, we provide financial support to crucial and certified projects, which adhere to international standards such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) or the Gold Standard, and undergo regular audits by independent third parties. These projects serve as an important instrument in the fight against climate change. Our supported initiatives encompass a range of activities including renewable energy deployment, reforestation, forest management, and the promotion of socio-ecological development through the adoption of efficient and environmentally friendly cooking stoves. These offsetting measures align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), among other objectives. 


Transparent communication regarding climate protection initiatives and ongoing developments is integral to Janitza's sustainability efforts. Hence, customers and partners can utilize the QR code featured on the 'ClimatePartner-certified' label to access the Climate-ID website, providing detailed insights into the company's climate protection measures. This platform enables stakeholders to easily access information on total emissions, the climate protection strategy, implemented mitigation measures, and comprehensive details on climate protection projects. 

Janitza is proud to have already achieved its self-imposed ClimatePartner certification target for climate protection measures this year, well ahead of the original target of 2030. Furthermore, the effectiveness of our accounting and mitigation measures has been confirmed and certified by an external service provider, laying the basis for further emissions reduction in the upcoming years. Our objective is to minimize the company's carbon footprint as much as possible, supported by regular emissions reviews and compensation for unavoidable emissions. 

Through these efforts, Janitza is dedicated to fostering a more sustainable and liveable world.