Product discontinuation notice

Highest quality and service

Janitza is committed to providing the highest levels of quality and service to our customers. This includes providing timely and relevant information on product status and availability.

Most of the products listed below were released long time back and have been replaced meanwhile by new and more powerful products. Our primary goal is to ensure that our customer experience minimal impact. That's why we send this information at a very early stage.

In case you need any support for selecting alternative devices, our sales people and representatives will be pleased to support you.

Product changes

Certification „ETL“ for the UMG 96RM series
  • Certification „ETL“ for UMG 96RM, material number: 52.22.031
  • Certification „ETL“ for UMG 96RM-CBM, material number: 52.22.032
  • Certification „ETL“ for UMG 96RM-E, material number: 52.22.033
  • Certification „ETL“ for UMG 96RM-P, material number: 52.22.034

The certification "ETL" is replaced by the equivalent certification "UL". The product codes with "UL"-certification are listed below:

  • UMG 96RM, Artikelnummer: 52.22.051
  • UMG 96RM-CBM, material number: 52.22.054
  • UMG 96RM-E, material number: 52.22.052
  • UMG 96RM-P, material number: 52.22.053
Product change UMG 512

UMG 512, material number: 52.17.001

Last date of order: 30th November 2016
Last date for delivery: 31st January 2017

New order number: UMG 512, material number 52.17.011 (UL-Certification)

Discontinued devices

Energy meters ECSEM
To be included in the last production run of these devices, we need your final orders as follows:
  • Last Order Dealine: August 2015
  • Last Shipment Deadline: October 2015
  Type Description Article No.
Discontinued ECSEM119MID (2x S0) Direct measurement, single-phase, 80 A 1401341
Successor model ECSEM212MID (2xS0) Direct measurement, single-phase, 63 A 1401342
Discontinued ECSEM121MID (Modbus) Direct measurement, single-phase, 80 A 1401336
Successor model ECSEM214MID (Modbus) Direct measurement, single-phase, 63 A 1401343
Discontinued ECSEM123MID (M-Bus) Direct measurement, single-phase, 80 A 1401337
Successor model ECSEM216MID (M-Bus) Direct measurement, single-phase, 63 A 1401344
Discontinued ECSEM74MID (2x S0) Direct measurement 3-phase, 80 A 1401340
Successor model ECSEM110MID (2xS0) Direct measurement 3-phase, 63 A 1401345
Discontinued ECSEM76MID (Modbus) Direct measurement 3-phase, 80 A 1401315
Successor model ECSEM114MID (Modbus) Direct measurement 3-phase, 63 A 1401346
Discontinued ECSEM75MID (M-Bus) Direct measurement 3-phase, 80 A 1401319
Successor model ECSEM112MID (M-Bus) Direct measurement 3-phase, 63 A 1401347

Product family UMG 96S (52.13.002, 52.13.005, 52.13.006, 52.13.018, 52.13.025, 52.13.026, 52.13.029, 52.13.031, 52.13.045)

Successor model
UMG 507

Product family UMG 507 (complete range, with the exception of Art.-No.52.15.004, 52.15.001)

Successor model
UMG 604 D

UMG 604D only

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