Power quality analyzer UMG 605-PRO

Power quality analyzer for DIN rails

Main features

The power quality analyzer, in accordance with EN 50160, is particularly suitable for top-hat rail mounting. It is used to monitor the power quality according to common standards, e.g. EN 6100024. The UMG 605-PRO is suitable for the detection of short and long term flicker as well as for Profibus DP and Profibus DP V0. The UMG has two digital inputs and outputs and additionally a temperature measurement input.

  • Harmonics

    Harmonics occur due to operating equipment with a non-linear characteristic, e.g. transformers used in saturation, energy saving bulbs, frequency converters and power electronics. They cause a load on the mains due to additional currents and can affect or even destroy operating equipment. This mains feedback can be detected and documented using power quality analysers.

  • Alarm management

    The alarm management feature in GridVis® monitors all measurement parameters captured by the UMG measuring devices. It comprises escalation management, a logbook function and user management for individual notifications by e-mail, dialogue box on the monitor, etc.

    In addition to monitoring effective values, short term interruptions and transients, as well as communication with the measuring devices can also be monitored.

  • Reporting

    Powerful RCM residual current monitoring already detects leakage currents in their initial stages before they cause system failures or even fires. It is already integrated in certain UMG measuring devices. The measuring current transformer that is required can be installed manually at a later date if required. Continuous RCM monitoring increases the system safety and availability significantly. In specific applications such as the data centre, residual current monitoring is essential due to the high availability requirements.

  • Flicker

    Flicker refers to the subjective impression of visibly noticeable brightness fluctuations, caused by a temporal change to the light density or the spectral distribution. The cause is voltage variations. As of a specific threshold value, flicker occurrences become disturbing and harmful to health under certain circumstances. The standard DIN EN 61000-4-15 controls the details.

  • Memory

    Many UMG measuring devices have their own memory containing typical recording ranges of up to 2 years. Recording is freely configurable. A 128 megabyte memory can record around 5,000,000 values.

  • E-Mail

    A notification by e-mail is the ideal aid for alarm and escalation management for the UMG measuring devices and the GridVis® software. Recipients can therefore be informed of the details of an event immediately.

APPs including

  • Measurement monitor

    Configurable display of current and historical measured values with automatic scaling. Graphical representation on the device's own homepage without additional software installation.

  • EN 50160 Watchdog PRO

    Permanent monitoring of the power quality per EN 50160 in energy supply networks.

  • IEC 61000-2-4 Watchdog PRO

    Permanent monitoring of the power quality per EC 61000-2-4 in customers' energy supply networks.

Areas of application

  • Power quality monitoring
  • Ethernet gateway for subordinate measurement points
  • Analysis of electrical disturbances in the event of network problems
  • Report generator for various power quality standards
  • Control tasks e.g. depending on measured value or limit values being reached
  • Measured value transducer for building management systems or PLC