Rogowski coil

A patented, iron-free induction coil (air coil) for current measurement of AC currents.


Rogowski coil

The Rogowski coil is a patented, iron-free induction coil (air coil) used for current measurement of AC currents and is primarily employed for retrospective installation in existing systems - optionally on power rails or power cables. It not only logs harmonics and transients with phase precision, but also load change for example, enabling the prevention of failures and process interruptions.

The frequency bandwidth of the Rogowski coil is 50/60 Hz, with no load operation up to 700 kHz. Measurement takes place with an accuracy per class 0.5 in accordance with the standard IEC 61869.

Operation of the Rogowski coils can only be guaranteed in combination with the Janitza RogoTrans measurement transducer. The RogoTrans measurement transducer logs alternating currents or a voltage signal and has a standardised output signal of 0 to 1 A. The metering range is up to 4000 A, the voltage supply is 24 V DC. The measurement transducer is very compact by design and can be mounted on the DIN rail. The space-saving, handy and compact Rogowski current transformers with measurement transducer can be used in combination with all Janitza UMGs. Straightforward installation is also possible in tight spaces.