Module 20CM-CT6

20CM-CT6 operating and residual current monitoring module (RCM)

  • Areas of application

    The 20CM-CT6 operating and residual current monitoring module (RCM) is intended for the use in industrial settings, in data centers, and commercial buildings. It enables you to measure and calculate electrical variables, such as operating and residual current, power, energy and harmonics.

    Typical applications are found in building installations on distribution boards, circuit breakers and busbar trunking systems.

  • 20CM-CT6 module at a glance

    • The 20CM-CT6 module serves as an extension of the UMG 20CM basic device
    • A maximum of 16 modules with six channels each (a total of up to 96 channels) can be added
    • The measured data from all of the modules is accessible via the UMG 20CM
    • Internal communication and power supply via CAN bus interface
    • Acquisition of measured values via integrated current transformers
    • Memory for historical data
    • RCM diagnostics variables on board
    • Status of limit value monitoring displayed by six LEDs