Descarga GridVis®

Versión actual

  • Bugfix Installer: Improved texts and explanations of what the password set in the installer is used for
  • Bugfix MSCONS export: cancellation of MSCONS export configuration has been fixed
  • Bugfix Installer: Password from installer no longer has any influence on the admin user of projects
  • Bugfix OPC UA: Connection with authentication fails with sign&encrypt
  • Function Upgrade UMG 96-PQ-L-LP: Added Class S upgrade
  • Function upgrade dashboards&reports: In the Expert edition, objects can display consumption values as CO2 emissions, energy equivalent, costs or CO2-related costs if an energy contract is assigned to the respective devices.
  • Function modification dashboards&reports: All objects can represent time periods in the future.
  • Function upgrade Dashboards: In the bar chart, the currently set time range can be quickly navigated forwards and backwards in time using the arrow buttons
  • Function upgrade CloudBridge: Additional information on the connection status and transmission status is also displayed.
  • Function upgrade CloudBridge: The disconnection from a GridVis Cloud license is stored in the license and the corresponding devices are marked as offline in the GridVis Cloud.
  • Function upgrade list function: All GridVis templates are available for direct access from the list function and do not need to be assigned.
  • function upgrade UMG 801: Easy Gateway support
  • Function Upgrade Error Report: Number of data exports created and used is recorded
  • Function upgrade CloudBridge: In the CloudBridge configuration, the historical data of the connected measuring devices can be triggered manually for subsequent transfer to the GridVis Cloud.
  • Function upgrade master data: Central management of CO2 emission factors and energy prices through contracts files.
  • Bugfix Online Recorder: Renaming global values​​causes online recording to abort
  • Bugfix Dashboards&Reports: The toolbar in the text object for text editing can be used again by double-clicking on the object.
  • Bugfix OPC UA: Cancellation of online recording in the case of faulty OPC UA devices
  • Bugfix event browser: Fixed misbehavior when loading lists
  • Security patch: Protection of the text object of earlier GridVis versions against unauthorized and malicious entries.
  • Security patch: Protection of the code object and the iFrame object in dashboards against unauthorized and malicious entries.
  • Function modification: New setting for configuring safe mode for code objects, iFrame objects and text objects in the system settings.
  • Bugfix UMG 806: historical values could be incorrect since 9.0.63
  • Function modification Data export ZSG Report: Report accepts time deviations, standard-compliant
  • Bugfix online recording: stabilisation of search function in online recorder
  • Bugfix Online-Recorder: Stabilization against unknown global values
  • Function upgrade object tachometer: The position of the displayed measured value can be defined
  • Bugfix Dashboards&Reports: The start of a weekly period depends on the country assigned to the GridVis user.
  • Bugfix UMG96 PA, UMG96 PA-MID+ und UMG96 PQ-L: Deactivating the auto-baud function
  • Bugfix UMG 806: reset energy values

Versión Beta

  • Function Upgrade OPC UA Client: certificate handling improvement
  • Security Update JxBrowser: Update to version 7.39.1
  • Security Update Jetty: Update to version 12.0.9
  • Function modification: Integration of UMG 96-EL
  • Function Upgrade: UMG 96-PQ-L family and UMG 96-PA family | From FW 3.51 the drag pointers can be deleted separately from the min/max values
  • Function Upgrade: RM-Series + Prodata 2 | Adding the device time on the overview page
  • Function Modification picture manager: The management of project-specific graphics and images is possible via a new interface with improved user-friendliness.
  • Function modification navigation: Restructuring the order of the menu items.
  • Function upgrade dashboards: Individual dashboards can be released for open access in the network. The dashboards configured in this way can be accessed and displayed from any end device in the network via the corresponding link.
  • Function Upgrade: UMG 96 RM-Series | Adding 24h for average value recording
  • Bugfixe: The footer bar does not overlay any function buttons, the function buttons are visible without scaling
  • Function upgrade data exports: Counter readings report (ZSG) can again be executed as a standard export
  • Bug Fix PA&PQ-L: Empty Mac-Address will not be safed in the GridVis cache
  • Security patch: Minimum character and length requirements for user passwords added.