Future with tradition

Janitza energy measurement technology. Made in Germany.

As energy management has progressed, its role within an organization has remained a priority, but has also evolved over time. Today, energy management is relevant not only for social and environmental reasons, but it also provides a critical competitive edge. Efficient energy management reduces operational costs and allows organizations to strategically forecast future usage and costs.

For more than half a century, Janitza has been introducing new technologies and combining them with existing applications. This innovation allows us to create complete system solutions for sophisticated energy data management, power quality, and residual current monitoring. A family-owned company, Janitza Electronics emerged in 1986 as a subsidiary of Eugen Janita, which was founded in Germany in 1961 and is globally recognized as a leading provider of a complete line of energy management solutions.

In addition to measurement products and software, Janitza also offers consultation and maintenance support services, as well as comprehensive customer training. Backed by German engineering and state-of-the-art, in-house manufacturing, we are internationally recognized as a leading supplier of energy efficiency systems. Janitza Electronics is synonymous with innovation and continuous development backed by a tradition of high-quality German engineering and standards.