Current Release

  • Function Upgrade OPC UA Client: certificate handling improvement
  • Security Update JxBrowser: Update to version 7.39.1
  • Security Update Jetty: Update to version 12.0.9
  • Function modification: Integration of UMG 96-EL
  • Function Upgrade: UMG 96-PQ-L family and UMG 96-PA family | From FW 3.51 the drag pointers can be deleted separately from the min/max values
  • Function Upgrade: RM-Series + Prodata 2 | Adding the device time on the overview page
  • Function Modification picture manager: The management of project-specific graphics and images is possible via a new interface with improved user-friendliness.
  • Function modification navigation: Restructuring the order of the menu items.
  • Function upgrade dashboards: Individual dashboards can be released for open access in the network. The dashboards configured in this way can be accessed and displayed from any end device in the network via the corresponding link.
  • Function Upgrade: UMG 96 RM-Series | Adding 24h for average value recording
  • Bugfixe: The footer bar does not overlay any function buttons, the function buttons are visible without scaling
  • Function upgrade data exports: Counter readings report (ZSG) can again be executed as a standard export
  • Bug Fix PA&PQ-L: Empty Mac-Address will not be safed in the GridVis cache
  • Security patch: Minimum character and length requirements for user passwords added.

Beta Release

Old Releases